Systems Leadership Project: Introduction

Systems Leadership Project: Introduction

Welcome to the Systems Leadership Project!

Essentially, this is to act as my self-reflection on the things we’ve learned in the Studio [Y] Systems Leadership Program at the MARS Discovery District. I’ve been in the program since September of 2016, but if anything it allows me to look back on lessons learned with the potential of having applied these lessons or perhaps at the very least, mentally digested them a bit more.

I’ve been lucky enough to keep a journal throughout the course of the program, including notes, reflections, re-visits and doodles that attempt to better formulate things in my own thoughts. I’ll be slowly transcribing these notes here as well as reflecting on them and hopefully, sharing stories of applications.

Over the course of Studio [Y] I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to shift my own mental values away from the common societal definition of wealth and more towards my own personal definition of a fulfilling narrative.

Feel free to follow along what I admit will be quite a personal journey.

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